Magic Doesn't Exist
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Magic Doesn't Exist

You wouldn’t happen to believe in magic, would you? Well, welcome to the True Cross Empire. In this lovely kingdom, ruled by the most powerful of mages.

Mere children are taught the beauty and wonders of magic; from small butterflies, all the way to taming beasts.

This is a Kingdom of old, which rose up in the ashes of a time when Wizards were considered disgusting sinners.

Now True Cross has reached its strongest point, a new generation of Witches and Wizards have been welcomed into the ranks. Yet, one wizard, can’t seem to manage it.

Yukio Okumura often called the ‘runt’, had his incredible intelligence blocking his ability to use magic.

Though, his older twin-Rin Okumura- would always assure his brother, “You can do it! You have magic! Just stop doubting yourself!

” He would often become upset with his brother, for his own failures. Rin never really seemed to mind, and would just give him a big grin and encourage him to keep trying.

Yukio wasn't always the best brother, but it seemed Rin had no intentions of changing him.

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