Mafia Child
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A work by madeline_canada_williams adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Mafia Child

Luciano Vargas. The mere mention of his name would send anyone running. It only made sense that the most dangerous man in all of Italy was the head of the deadliest Italian mafia.

He practically ran the country. He had everyone under his thumb. Getting on his good side was hard to do, but once you were, you were guaranteed protection.

If anyone ever had the balls to cross him, they would meet with a terrible fate. On most occasions, he would send his henchmen to do his dirty work.

It was up for debate who was worse: the giant German with scars or the smaller Japanese who was rumored to be a cannibal.

Luciano himself was by far worse than his henchmen. You had to really screw him over for him to go after you himself.

While he's never one to back down from a reason to torture or kill someone, but as the boss, he had other matters to attend to. His grandfather built up a legacy of the mafia.

After his death, Luciano took over as boss. It would've gone to Luciano's older brother, Flavio, but he never took it seriously.

He still got involved every now and again, but he never wanted to be the boss. Luciano was fine with that and they had an agreement.

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