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The sky was heavily clouded with thick, dark clouds and the air contained an almost impending static on it.

The coming rain could literally be smelled and the two Stitchpunks stuck sitting out on a street knew it.

Here they waited for the others who had separated to lead away a stray Beast, one that didn’t seem threatening enough to fight.

It had been simple; the oldest two would wait here, the ones who couldn’t fight would move somewhere else, and the ones who could fight would lead the Beast off.

Unfortunately none of them returned.

“What on Earth could be taking them so long?!” The Stitchpunk’s narrowed optics scanned the street in frustration. Two suspected that this frustration was covering worry.

Unlike the leader who continued to stand and wander around the sidewalk, Two sat on the curb, head resting in hands while his arms rested on his knees.

It had to be going on an hour by now and he was growing concerned as well. Regardless he spoke with, “They’ll be back. We would’ve heard something if anyone was injured.

Maybe you should sit down.”

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