Madness burns brighter than any torch
Madness burns brighter than any torch occultist stories

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Madness burns brighter than any torch

Out of all of them, you only hate Reynauld; not because he's a crusader, not because he can't seem to understand that discretion is the better part of valor,

not even because he's a self righteous prick. It's because he tries to justify his theft from the party as something other than self-interest.

He says it's being tithed to the church, but you know that's a load of shit.

You've looked into it with Junia, the vestal, and while Reynauld does donate to the abbey,

there's no uptick when he's been going on a lot of expeditions compared to when he's been staying behind.

If you weren't a criminal yourself, you would drag him to the stockades and leave him there to rot until he's ready to to reimburse the rest of the party for when he stole,

but until your receive the pardon your employer promised you upon completion of your quest you will steer clear of any place of law.

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