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A fanfic by cinnamon_printemps posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Harry and Louis are madly in love. You know? Like fucking freaking in love. They are rocking cloud nine like no other couple ever could. They were perfect for each other.

So it was no surprise when Louis was parading around his new sparkling ring. Showing everyone who risked a second glance he was going to marry the most perfect alpha in the world.

And Harry? He had a face splitting grin on his face adoring his now fiancée and soon to be husband.

But before I start to tell you about their crazy wedding let me tell you their story.

They met when they were just toddlers, both not really liking the other kids around and so they started playing in the playground.

They got along perfectly even though Louis was two years older than Harry. From the beginning they were attached at the hip. Barely separable. Years passed and they were still friends.

Attending the same events, going to the same school, liking the same things.

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