Made to Endure
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Made to Endure

It is not exactly the fault of Big Folk that what they know of hobbits could comfortably fill the shortest of chapters.

Men, especially those of Bree, might produce a page or page-in-a-half which would compliment Hobbit hospitality, farming,

and they size of their pantries (while remarking on the frequency of their meals).

Elves could possibly do a better job, being scholars of all Middle Earth, and give an account regarding Hobbits’ lost origins and the Wandering Days.

Dwarves of course would not give Hobbits a singular paragraph, but the briefest of footnotes recognizing them as the one Free People of Arda that made Dwarrows seem tall in comparison.

While limited in length, much of what other races and the casual observer know of Hobbits is true. Hobbits do love good-tilled earth and are quite merry.

Bright colors, good manners, and a firm understanding of respectability hold high reign in their society.

For really, what could be better than good food, good cheer, and good company?

However, while slightly bigoted to the Small Folk, the other races are not exactly at fault for thinking little of Hobbits.

After all, Hobbits do not desire to disabuse them of their notions in the least.

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