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Made Me Think Of You

The red car screeched turning into the school parking lot. Ariana huffed a sigh, her hands still rested against the strering wheel.

She shook off her nerves and checked her hair and makeup in the mirror. She stepped out of her car and smoothed out her dress. Straightening up, she made her way to the front enterance.

Today was the first day back and she didn't know what to expect. On the last day of her junior year, Ariana came out as bisexual to the school. Ariana has always been popular.

She's had the school wrapped around her finger since freshman year. But now her secrets out that she has taste for both genders.

Last year, she didn't wait to see the reaction from the student body. Ariana went home early and when she'd talk to her friends she acted like nothing happened, and they went along with it.

No one asked about it. She had gone on vaction two weeks after school ended and hasn't spoken to anyone since.

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