Madame Red Made Me Do It
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A fiction by angelchexmex adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Madame Red Made Me Do It

Madame Red panted softly on the other side of the wall, her eye had been pressed against a hole in the wall that gave her the best view of the two men on the bed.

Her head was thrown back, hair disheveled and chest heaving as she fingered herself.

Originally she had been more than willing to give her boys a room for free, had even already furnished the place with them in mind,

but when John had come to her begging for a nice place to stay and offering anything she wanted in payment, well Madame Red had never claimed to be a saint.

The knowledge that John, sweet little John Reid, had known that she was watching only fueled the Madame’s desire. She could still see him, red faced and panting as Tonto fucked him.

A soft whimper left her plump lips and she sped up her hand, grinding down on her palm and finally came,

the image of John begging as Tonto speared him open with his tongue flashing behind her closed eyelids.

After a moment, which she took to collect herself, Madame Red moved away from the wall and straightened her skirts.

She had promised to leave after she had her fun and Madame Red always kept her promises.

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