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Mad World

Disclaimer: I only own the plot. The characters are the property of Cassandra Clare.

This is my first foray into the world of fan fiction. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts, praise, criticisms in the reviews or as a pm.

My plan is to have this story span a decent chunk of time so let me know if you don't like where it's headed.

Also, I have NOT read the books, but am told I have read enough fanfiction that my characterizations more closely resemble the books than the show so I have changed the classification.

My beta promises to keep me honest so hopefully I don't stray too much. Thanks for reading!

It was over.

That reality hit Alec harder than the sudden warm breeze as he walked off the school football field. He started to remove his cap and gown.

The warm breeze felt heavenly on his damp skin, which was a welcome relief as he shed the hot black polyester of his doctoral robe. Dr. Lightwood.

He had just completed four years of medical school. It still didn't feel real.

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