Mad Prince Rulf: Revelation
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Mad Prince Rulf: Revelation

"You seem to have a lot of respect for Prince Xav too," Serena commented, as Rulf lit the fire on the offering before Prince Xav's grave. "People never talk about you and Prince Xav.

They only talk about your fascination with Emperor Yuri."

"If people knew about my admiration of Prince Xav," Rulf said, "they would just think I'm some Vor bore. Worshiping Yuri is way more fun.

Besides, even in this day, Prince Xav does not lack admirers. Yuri is in more dire need of my love."

"It seems a bit strange, that you would admire both Yuri


"I hated Xav's guts for a while," Rulf said. "Then I realized that I misunderstood him. I had to apologize to him. After that, the better I got to know him, the more I liked him."

"But the civil war..."

"Oh, they definitely fucked with each other," Rulf said. "You know, I've never thought about it before, but I wonder if there was sexual tension between Yuri and Xav. Oooh, the scandal.

If only there were some evidence, or even if there isn't any evidence..."

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