Lyrium Fragments
Lyrium Fragments female hawke stories

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Lyrium Fragments

The Alienage was comfortably desolate as we ran back to the place where we had previously met with Anso.

Varric was muttering abundant curses under his breath; I could have hardly blamed him,

since we were chasing coin left and right for the expedition and we couldn't exactly afford stupid complications, let alone failures such as this.

Nevertheless, I had a feeling that complications were inevitable, especially considering the overall mess of this damnable city.

As we were approaching the exit to Lowtown, another soldier ran up to us from that direction.

He wore the same armor as the bastards which we had previously killed off, only this one seemed more boastful.

We halted in unison, as did he and pointed furiously at us, "You made a terrible mistake by involving yourself!

"Are you working for the templars?", I asked, already irked by the situation.

"What templars!?", he spat. "Lieutenant, I want everyone in the clearing, now!"

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