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Luvv's One-Shot Collection caring tony stories

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Luvv's One-Shot Collection

Tired. That’s all that came to mind when Tony thought back over everything that’s happened since he came out as Iron Man in 2008.

He was trying so hard to make up for all his ignorance but it seemed the harder he tried the more he messed up.

This life was draining him, he thought he finally found people he could just but it seemed they either stabbed him in the back or just weren’t there when he needed them.

Pepper moved on with her life, letting it be known that she couldn’t deal with Iron Man, and the last good thing in his life, Rhodes, he almost got killed.

He sat in his empty tower, alone, staring down a sealed bottle of whisky. He wanted so badly to just drown himself in the alcohol but at the same time he felt that wouldn’t have been enough.

Suddenly he felt a shift in the air, he looked over his shoulder to see Loki standing there, smiling at him.

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