Lust for love
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Lust for love

The demon world was divided into three classes: alphas, betas and omegas.

In the wolf clan, the alphas watched over the pack, the betas watched over the wolves and the omegas stayed in the caves to watch over the younglings.

That simple right? Now the alpha leader must always have a successor ready to take the throne after he or she dies, but that didn't happen when I was born.

You see my father was the alpha ruling over the clan when I was born. He had high hopes for a son, but he ended up having a daughter instead.

Though the worse part wasn't that I was a female cause I know a lot of other up to date packs that have female alphas of their own. It was because I was an omega female.

In my parents time omegas weren't allowed to run a pack because everyone thought they were too soft and weak.

My mother and father didn't believe in what others said, so they hide the truth from the other pack leaders. To hide my omega scent I had to drink this elixir every month.

My father knew I wasn't going to be taken seriously as a female pack leader, so he had my mother dress me in boy’s clothes.

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