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short story by fioreariadne1 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


She was everything he once used to be and more: young, joyful, passionate, caring and playful, with a promising career that was skyrocketing and thriving with life.

He remembered what it felt like; it wasn’t long ago after all. He appeared to be much older than what he really was, ever since he was a kid.

Born on 1980 in a November’s cool and frosty night, he’s fate was sealed.

Being the oldest of three brothers and one sister, with a father who was a coward and left his mother heartbroken, emotionally unstable and unavailable for a long time,

he was forced to grow up too early. He did remember what it felt like to be happy, though, but it was so long ago that it was more of a distant haze than a memory.

Even when almost nobody knew or could even imagine, he remembered the first movie that he ever saw and how he felt vividly: Back to the future.

It took time for him to grasp the concept, but when his father left he understood it immediately.

Even the title sounded alluring, just imagine such a wonderful scenario, where he could go back in time and fix everything.

Fix his parents’ relationship,

change how he viewed life and the complexities that come along with it… how he wished he could go back in time to where his father and his mother were in love and everything was pure happiness,

how he could go back and maybe meet Yvonne in that bus stop. May be his life wouldn’t be so empty and he’d still be directing, writing and acting.

On the other hand, he realized that those hard times were what gave him his strength, courage and determination. Cinema was his passion, his drive.

No one ever was more meaningful to him than his career, not even Yvonne… and she was the only regret he had in life, the only “What if”, at least up until that point.

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