Luffa: The Legendary Super Saiyan
Luffa: The Legendary Super Saiyan nsfw stories

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A fan work by mike_smith adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Luffa: The Legendary Super Saiyan

The annual Slaughter of the Wyvern had gotten completely out of control, as planned.

It was a Saiyan tradition on Vedev III, which the native Vedevians tolerated mostly because they had little choice in the matter.

The Saiyan population was less than fifty, but any four of them could have annihilated the Vedevians within a week’s time, so they tended to get their way.

But the Vedevians were a practical people, and they found it simpler to go with the flow.

Better to supply a Vedevian Wyvern for the Saiyans’ amusement, and let their destructive tendencies cancel each other out.

Of course, the Wyvern itself wasn’t necessarily a match for

of the Saiyans, and so the festival usually descended into a free-for-all, with Saiyans battling each other over who would get the privilege of fighting the Wyvern.

In the midst of this chaos, a handful of Saiyans sat at a bench in front of a food cart and enjoyed the atmosphere.

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