Lucrezia Borgia's Diary
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Lucrezia Borgia's Diary

18th of April, in that year 1492 of our Lord Jesus-Christ

I am called Lucrezia Borgia.

Dear Lord, I beg you to please give me your mercy all the times I would offend you. This book will help me to record my thoughts, my most private thoughts.

Dear Lord, protect my family, protect my brothers Cesare, Juan and Gioffre, protect my mother, Vanozza Cattanei and protect my dear uncle, Cardinal Borgia.

Keep away from my mind the bad thoughts that I may have against my governess, Adriana, as well as the uncharitable ones for Julia Farnese, her stepdaughter.

Dear Lord, I would try to correct me. I really like to choose dresses, and I spend too much time on secular books.

Dear Lord, I count twelve years today, I am still very young to know all about sin. Guide my path and prevents me missteps.

I want to be the Good and fight against the Evil, but how to know where does the Evil begin?

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