Lucky to Have Him
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A short story by scandalmuss posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lucky to Have Him

It had been a Saturday morning he’d never forget.

They’d both been out with friends the night before, celebrating Alex’s promotion at work; the evening had turned into morning and they'd both finally crawled into bed around 4am.

Taron's phone started to ring around 9am, surprisingly loud as fuck. Neither man moved at first, both too hungover to bother caring.

Alex’s arm tightened around Taron’s waist, “You know I love you, Tan, but if you don't answer the fucking phone, I will leave your arse in an instant,” he said groggily,

with no real threat in his tone.

Taron shifted and groaned as he felt his stomach lurch.

. The ringing only seemed to get louder, “Fucking hell,” he muttered, blindly grabbing for his phone. With his eyes still shut tightly, he put the phone to his ear, “Mm yello?”

“Hi, Taron? It's Matthew Vaughn.”

Taron’s eyes shot open and he sat up, almost instantly regretting how quickly he'd done it,  “Erm, yes, hi Matthew!

” Taron nodded along as Matthew started to explain what would be expected of him and what his schedule was going to look like. He was in a haze; he had gotten his first role in a bloody movie.

In a Matthew Vaughn movie at that. He and Alex had

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