Lucha Underground One-shots
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A fanfic by cyber_pan adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lucha Underground One-shots

To Kiss You Again~ One-sided Fenix x Catrina

"Now!" She angrily shouts, her voice not quivering at all.

He starts to punch, pull and do all the wicked moves that he just does. Not that it bothers me, since it's what we're paid to

Her chocolate eyes widened and her lips melting into a frown. Her lips were so soft and firm, not brittle or cracking...

I remember when she kissed me, told me that she adored me, and that she loved me. She left me alone, then viciously stuck her disciples on me.

It was all lies, she was the puppeteer pulling the strings and she pulled all the wrong ones.

My 1000 lives she was so intrigued in, wanting to use them so bad. Why have 1000 lives when you have 1000 deaths then? I'd give up all these lives just to kiss her again, her soft lips.

Maybe once is good enough, but still my love would remain unrequited.

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