Loving You is A Bloodsport
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A fan work by sgafirenity adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Loving You is A Bloodsport

For decades, the grounders lived in fear of the mountain men, of their power to melt them with mist or their abilities to kidnap their warriors and turn them into reapers.

They had learned to live their lives one day at a time because they didn’t know when their lives would end.

Would they get caught in a cloud of yellow mist and be melted away or would they get caught and turned into a reaper to then feed on the people they loved? That was their way.

They found their own way to live, to make sure that if they lost someone it didn’t affect them.

Death has no cost, life has no worth. It’s how they learned to live their lives.

When Clarke came along with the idea to join forces, to fight the mountain men and stop this terror they had all been fighting. Of course the commander jumped at that chance.

She wanted to see her people free. Using the technology of the sky people and the grounders knowledge of this land, they were able to defeat the mountain.

Kill the president Cage and free both of their people in the mountain. It was everything they all wanted.

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