Loving Every Bone in Your Body
Loving Every Bone in Your Body reader with nightmares stories

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Loving Every Bone in Your Body

Basically reader insert through Pre, during, and Post pacifist run.

I’m putting everything I've ever wanted to read in reader-inserts in this one fic.

I’m not joking.

Reader with emotional, physical, and mental battles. Reader going through depression that “goes away” only to come back at bad times. Reader dying multiple times.

Reader just needing a big fluffy hug from Tori SO. BAD. Strong language. Reader having punny humor. Reader going into the Underground with Frisk. They/Them Frisk.

Reader messing up timelines sort of.  Sans. ….Ye-Sans. Fluster-puff Sans. SLOW burn. Reader using cheesy pickup lines that are equivalent to sans puns, but being SO oblivious to his coming-ons.

FLUFF. A lot of Soul stuff. Soulsmut, soulfluff, soulmates, soulmusic, soulsoul-... True Pacifist run but Chara trying to mess up Frisk but them being too Determined to listen. Multiple resets.

Reader bonding with Frisk. Reader bonding with everyone tbh. Monster’s integrating into society. The Above world not being as it’s all cracked up to be as the monsters want.

Sans with nightmares. Reader with nightmares. Passive aggressive PTA Sans. Bullied Frisk. Scientific breakthroughs. Reader being a teacher at Torial’s school.

Having the main cast being a cute fam with reader.  Plus much, muuuch more.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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