Love's Misguided Arrow
Love's Misguided Arrow tim drake/damian wayne stories

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A story by nightwingsangel adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Love's Misguided Arrow

It was Steph’s idea. It was not Tim’s idea. It would never be Tim’s idea. Yet, somehow she’d talked him into doing it.

He’d been in Chicago when the idea had first been brought up; working late on a case that he should have wrapped up a week ago but remained undercover for,

because his instinct told him that there was more going on. The Titan’s tower was dark as all of its other occupants were sound asleep in their respectful beds. Tim, however, was at his desk.

His light was on and his computer was open. A cup of sweetened coffee sat nearby as he read over an old case report the Red Hood had submitted.

He was convinced the same guy was behind both cases but hadn’t any luck in connecting the two.

According to all of his contacts, the guy was presumed dead, but of course Tim knew that in his family’s line of work you should never presume someone is dead unless you have their body.

Even then, you should use caution.

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