Love's Chokehold
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Love's Chokehold

"Hey Ichigo, did you hear about the new foreign exchange student?"

The classroom echoed with squeals of excitement from the students, all but for one redhead at the back of the classroom, head held in his hands lazily.

"They say there's a student coming in from Germany." Keigo said, his eyes slanted at Ichigo presumptuously for what might have been the third time that day.

Ichigo turned his head to give Keigo a scowl, but was seemingly unfazed.

"So what?" Ichigo sighed.

"Don't give me that.

German girls are supposed to be really hot! I mean, look at Nel!" Nelliel, who sat in the first chair of row C, was already looking in their direction and waved with wild abandon.

Such excitement was exhausting, but Ichigo spared a wave back. She definitely wasn't lacking in her physical appearance, but that didn’t mean he had to give Keigo the satisfaction of agreement.

"One of these days, I’m going to sick Chad on you."

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