Loved Up
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Loved Up

This is their eighth Valentine’s Day together and Frank has loved every single one of them, even the first when he’d snuck out of his dad’s house to see Stephen.

This year he’d proudly bought a boyfriend card not caring who saw him. He tells Stephen he loves him all the time and hears it in return.

Stephen’s still snoring quietly so he decides to get started on breakfast. He’s debating the idea of making french toast hearts when Stephen joins him in the kitchen.

“Smells amazing, babe.”

“Wanted to cut ‘em into hearts. Prob’ly wouldn’t have worked.”

Stephen takes the first slice and makes and exaggerated moan. Frank makes them each a cup of tea and joins Stephen at the table.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“You too, Frank. Thanks for breakfast. Looking forward to dinner later?”

“Yeah. I mean not getting dressed up and that but you never can quite keep your hands off me when I do.”

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