Love You to Pluto and Back
Love You to Pluto and Back tom welling stories

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A fiction by angstysilver adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Love You to Pluto and Back

When Jensen first told Jared that he wanted a divorce, Jared thought he was joking.

In a “Damnit, Jay, if you leave your dirty socks in the bathroom one more time I’m going to divorce you” sort of way. Jared had snorted and gone to start on dinner.

It wasn’t until Jensen followed him into the kitchen and Jared got a good look into those gorgeous greens that he realized how serious Jensen was.

It had felt like someone punched him in the gut, forced all the air out of his lungs, and knocked something vital loose.

And some days, even a year after the ink on the divorce papers was dry, it still felt like Jared could hardly breathe.

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