Love Sees More 3: Greyback's Pack
Love Sees More 3: Greyback's Pack emotional hurt/comfort stories

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Love Sees More 3: Greyback's Pack

“You don’t have to go, you know,” Sirius said, leaning against the doorway of Remus’s bedroom at number twelve, Grimmauld Place. “You

allowed to say no.”

Remus closed his eyes, leaning against one of the bedposts. He couldn’t look at Sirius. “I can’t

go. We desperately need the information, and there’s no one else who

go. They certainly wouldn’t allow a

in among them - that would be a dead give away.”

“Like the fact that you’re a known supporter of Albus and Harry isn’t,” Sirius reminded.

“Albus has a plan for that.”

Sirius laughed, a sound somewhere between mocking and disbelief. “Of course he does.

” He stared at Remus, almost as if daring the other man to give him a proper explanation for why he would even consider this in the first place.

Sighing, Remus turned away from Sirius and sat down on the mattress, eyeing the faded carpet underneath his feet.

“Albus feels certain that I can gain Greyback’s trust by pretending to be fed up with the wizarding world.

Everything I’ve done to fit in here hasn’t worked, and I’m still as much of an outcast as I ever was.

Nothing’s changed for me here and I’m tired of fighting for rights - a life I’ll clearly never have.” Remus broke off and finally turned to look at Sirius.

“That’s what I have to make Greyback believe.”

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