Love Potion no. 9
Love Potion no. 9 donna noble stories

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A fanfic by lunaseemoony posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Love Potion no. 9


have it! She’s

old? I’ve been teaching at this school for seventeen years and instead of giving me the post you’re going to appoint some little upstart?

She looks like she’s barely past her NEWTS! This is an outrage headmistress!”

McGonagall pulled her attention away from her parchment, set her quill down, sat back, and gazed up at the tantrum on two legs from above her spectacles.

“Are you quite finished, Professor Yana?”

Yana waggled the morning’s Daily Prophet in the air at her. It was open to the new professor’s face below the headline on the third page. “Well no hon-”

Standing up, McGonagall snatched the offending newspaper from Yana’s hand. John grinned from ear to ear while her attention was divided, swallowing back a laugh.

She was immune to Yana’s thunderous outburst as always.

“Are you


Feathers thoroughly ruffled, Yana chuffed and folded his arms very much like the child McGonagall was treating him as and nodded at her to continue.

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