Love of Ours
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Love of Ours

what is this before us

--this sick and twisted thing

where I'm in love with you

but you're in love with him?

i cannot let it go,

this feeling that I have;

I do something stupid

and seek the one you love.

but as fate would have it,

he falls in love with me;

thus, we find ourselves here

in this affair for three.

How many times had Tony Stark wanted to use The Phone, he’d lost count.

He’d wanted to prank call it, dial the one number on its phonebook and scream his lungs out at the person on the other end,

cry into it while blathering apologies that are not-apologies because Starks didn’t do apologies,

or just… narrate how his day had been whether or not the person at the other end of the connection would actually stay on the line to humor him.

But Tony never did. He kept The Phone in the locked bottom drawer of a misplaced armoire in his workshop—the one he flat out refused to open or even approach or walk by.

He’d considered taking it apart into indistinguishable component pieces because he didn’t want the blasted thing to have such power over him. Because it did—it had

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