Love Me Two Times
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Love Me Two Times

Hermann Gottlieb was a happy man.

You would not think it to look at him, however, with his stern jaw and preference for ‘old man’ sweaters – the cane and the limp certainly did not help his image either.

But despite this, Hermann Gottlieb was a happy man.

His happiness began in the Winter of his 24th year. Having just completed his engineering degree he, like so many of his fellow graduates, was now on the hunt for not just a job, but a career.

Unfortunately, he found himself being rejected time and again.

Feeling dejected but by no means defeated Hermann continued with his part-time job at the bookstore across from his apartment building,

sending out his resume to every place he could think of and some that he could not.

This continued on for two and a half months. Every week Hermann would send out his resume and every week he would be ‘regretfully’ shot down.

He was beginning to feel as though he would be stuck stocking book shelves forever. The constant rejection began taking its toll on the eager engineer.

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