Love Live Ninja project
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Love Live Ninja project

Love Live Ninja project


It was a hot summer day in Tokyo. The sky was blue, the birds where chirping and the sun was sending its warm rays down towards the earth.

In the middle of a park people was cheering as the idol group u’s were singing and dancing to their new song.

The group had been practicing all summer after having landed a contract that made it possible for them to continue as idols part time, while still pursuing other careers.

The group finished their last song, ending in their final pose, the cheers from the crowd a dull roar.

Honoka grinned wide as she was joined by her friends, all of them bowing before heading backstage.

“You guys were amazing.”

Honoka grinned as Yukiho and Arisa smiled at them as they arrived at their green room, the girls looking excited with their VIP passes hanging around their neck, Arisa looking excited.

“I agree” Yukiho said, nodding as Arisa rushed over and hugged her sister. “You really put on a show.”

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