Love like crazy
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Love like crazy

The plane landing was a bit rough for my liking

I always hated the landings, Normally at this point in the flight id be squeezing The crap out of Ryan's hand so hard his fingers would be turning white.

I shake the thought from my head and grip the arm rest.

Moments later the flight attendant announces that we have safely landed and are free to begin collecting our luggage, I immediately unbuckle and stand, stretching my arms above my head,

thankfully there was few people on the flight and everyone made their way off the plane quickly. After getting my luggage I make my way through customs,

No sooner had the thought passed through my mind I was pulled aside "just a random bag search miss" the attended smiled politely, "mhmm, random im sure"

The smiled fades from his face and is replaced with tight lips and a frown,"if you'd place your bag on the table we can start" he says

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