Love like a Cold Wind
Love like a Cold Wind riku seiga stories

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A fan work by ichikonohakko adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Love like a Cold Wind

From the way he looked at her, smirked at her, told her how much of a fool she was or how she always seem to stand on his way,

Shuurei felt herself going red from the sheer intensity of Seiga’s actions.

He never said the words and probably will never do, but they both could feel it in each and every spark that danced around them whenever they had an argument.

Riku Seiga is utterly in love with Kou Shuurei, although it was only clear to the both of them.

It didn’t take many investigation to know that Emperor Shi Ryuuki is in love with Kou Shuurei.

It was obvious to everyone who ever saw them together, whether in an official setting or private meetings in the garden.

Seiga is the youngest inspector of Censorate to be appointed,

he didn’t need to investigate how the Emperor bended so many rules (allowing women into politics and announcing monogamy are the most obvious examples) just to allow Kou Shuurei to be a

little closer to him to know that he was so utterly in love with her.

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