Love Is In The Air (Legends of Tomorrow Oneshots)
Love Is In The Air (Legends of Tomorrow Oneshots) gideon stories

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Love Is In The Air (Legends of Tomorrow Oneshots)

You had been wandering through the halls of the Waverider boredly.

Rip had, per usual, told you to stay on the ship while all the stronger members of the crew were tasked with various missions to do.

Breathing a heavy sigh, you mused in your head of how to get him to let you accompany one of the others on their mission.

"Stupid Rip, not letting me do anything. I'm not that weak; I can fend for myself!" You grumbled under your breath, arms crossed defiantly across your chest.

"I'm not so sure you're as good at fighting as you believe you are." You heard somebody say behind you.

It was obviously Rip, as nobody else but you two were currently in the Waverider at that moment,  so long as Gideon wasn't counted as a person.

You turned to face him, anger suddenly surfacing as you looked at his stupid, British, know-it-all face.

"Really now? Have you even

what I'm like when I'm fighting? You don't know

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