Love Is All You Need
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Love Is All You Need

Ben decided he no longer liked working with Chris. He had decided that the day he found out about the ‘no government relationships’ rule.

He had innocently started a conversation with him about potentially starting a relationship with a certain government employee when Chris shut him down.

“That is

the worst idea you have had” Chris had told him.

That was a bullet to the heart; Ben had thought things had really been progressing with him and Leslie and to hear that he would never get a shot with her unless one of them stopped working

for the government sucked.

What sucked more was Leslie who was currently oblivious to the matter carried on flirting with him and asking him to join her for lunch like nothing was wrong.

It had been a long tiring day, there had been meetings all day regarding several new projects that were starting soon, getting the citizens of Pawnee fitter,

an art show opening and the start of a softball league.

Chris had led the meeting until about 8PM when Tom complained that it was late and he wanted to go to the Snakehole Lounge; the majority of the room joined him as he left apart from Ben

and Leslie.

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