Love In An Elevator
Love In An Elevator once upon a time in mexico (2003) stories

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Love In An Elevator

Love In An Elevator

Alexis Michaels sighed as she stepped out of the superior officer's office. Since getting her badge some days before, she'd been waiting for them to get her out on a mission.

Walking up the hall, she stopped short when she saw him...again. She'd heard about him..was almost afraid of him, but in the most exciting of ways. Agent Sands.

She watched as he walked towards her, talking animatedly on his cellphone and bit her lip as a wave of desire hit her. The man was gorgeous, every inch of him.

From his dark hair all the way down to his black boots. He passed by, not noticing her and she watched as he went on down the hall. Coming back to her senses, she ducked into the ladies room.

Looking in the mirror, she sighed. Her long, auburn hair was up in a twist and she'd wore a stuffy business suit for this meeting. Her glasses were perched on her nose and she hated them.

He'd never notice her like this, and she wanted him to notice her. Why..she wasn't sure. She just knew that since her first glimpse of him the day before, she couldn't get him off her mind.

She took off her glasses and put back in her contacts and pulled the clip from her hair, letting it fall just past her shoulders.

Smiling to herself, she walked out of the ladies room and down the hall. Little did she know she'd walked right past a figure dressed in black who was eyeing her just as she had been him.

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