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Love in a time of...

Some claim that love, a mix of chemicals and hormones, ends when one's physical body ceases all functioning: after all to them, it’s merely a completed biochemical and electrophysical reaction.

Others say it transcends this boundary and lasts until time immemorial.

I could say I'm of the former camp,

but the intricacies of human behavior are profound and impossible to completely elucidate or even come close to understanding the biochemical mechanisms behind them.

Nor am I of the latter belief; love is not immutable, as one can easily fall in love multiple times, and the linguistic phrases used to describe this elusive state,

phrases such as “one true love” or “eternal love,” pale in comparison to the sensations themselves.

No, I would categorize myself in a third camp.

There have been time and time renderings of the same story. One of lovers cruelly forced to part. Of tragedy befallen on them. During war and peace.

Ever wonder why there are so many retellings of the same tale over and over again? I'll tell you why.

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