Love comes when least expected
Love comes when least expected bionicle stories

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Love comes when least expected

Having finished helping the Ipela Nuians with the supplies their shadow twins had brought from Metru Nui, the Toa Ipela had decided to spend some time exploring their new home.

While Jaller and Hahli headed off to check out the highest parts of the main island and Hewkii carried Macku in the direction of where he knew there was a waterfall similar to the one that

used to be near Ga-koro. Kongu and Nuparu watched as they left then the dark green Toa glanced at his friend, “So where to you want to look-explore first?”

“How about the smaller islands, I overheard Eòrna saying that they came from one of them originally.

” came Nuparu's reply as he glanced southwards, missing the longing expression in Kongu's eyes as he started in that direction.

Hurrying to catch up, Kongu shook the thoughts away and followed Nuparu through the foliage towards the coast.

On reaching the pebbled beach, the Toa shared a grin as they gazed at the chain of smaller islands stretching out towards the horizon, “We'd better avoid Sirune's home-realm.

” Kongu commented as they crunched down the shingle to the waters edge,

gesturing to the smaller island between the main Ipela Nui island and the one Eòrna had called the matorans' original home.

“Sounds good,” Nuparu paused and grinned, “Who'd have thought I'd ever fancy going for a swim?

” he chuckled, drawing a grin from Kongu as they waded into the water, “And who'd have thought-guessed we'd still be able to dive and swim-breathe after arriving back in Metru Nui?

” Kongu countered, splashing water at him.

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