Love and Wall Street
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A fiction by kittykimora adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Love and Wall Street

Danny woke up with a champagne headache and a pair of warm buttocks against his crotch.

He pried his burning eyes open to try and discern the warm lush body shifting and grinding her back into him.

"Morning, "she moaned, her fingers crawling over his damp chest.

"Shit, "Danny said jerking his head and frowning down at her,  "Regina, Regina, fucking Regina" he groaned vigorously rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands.

Every muscle in his body ached and the room was as hot as a furnace which meant he'd probably forgotten to switch off the air-conditioner again.

"That's my name" she said softly, her lips touching his bare shoulders.

Danny's eyes swept past her, combing through the grey cashmere-covered walls, crystal chandelier and dark upholstered leather cupboards of a wall-in closet.

It wasn't his apartment but it wasn't a hotel either.

It was Regina's apartment, he thought with a remorseful groan as his eyes skirted past her quilted Chanel bags which she collected with as much zeal as she collected men.

Regina was fun for a night out, fun in the bedroom but she was no keeper. She was bad stock with a sinking trade value.

Regina Crane was crazy, spoilt and definitely untradeable stock in his book.

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