Lotte's seen a ghoul
Lotte's seen a ghoul itori (tokyo ghoul) stories

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Lotte's seen a ghoul

A/N This is a very trimmed down version of earlier chapter 1. The rest of them are under heavy revision as well.

I hope it’s much more readable than before! As always, all suggestions and comments are more than welcome!

The night over Tokyo was unusually starry that evening.

Body tense and aching after a whole day of classes, Lotte still enjoyed how dazzling the stars were, strewn over the sky that every other evening would turn dull violet.

Today it looked clear though, navy and deep green in colour.

It made her feel rather tiny underneath all its extravagant recesses and she felt her head swimming, suddenly aware that her nose got runny again as well.

She tried to wipe it with the rim of her scarf discretely.

The young woman let a small cloud form with each released breath, in tact with the impatient tapping of her foot against the concrete surface.

The train she was waiting for would be late, it seemed. Frustrated, she shifted on her foot and plucked the music player from her bag to try and kill some time.

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