Lost Letters of Love
Lost Letters of Love dramione stories

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Lost Letters of Love

48.8584° N 2.2945° E

My dearest Draco,

Today I write to you from a park located in a beautiful city. All around me is the excitement of the city. There are remarkable smells and beautiful twinkling lights.

My only wish is that you could be here with me experiencing everything that I am. The lights are so bright. You would swear that the sun never sets. You would absolutely love it here.

My work here should be done in a month or so and I will be moving onto a new location. Every few weeks a new city full of experiences I wish to share with you.

I wish I could give you the exact city of my location, but due to the secrecy that the Ministry demands we keep, alas I can only give the coordinates of a landmark in the general vicinity.

I do hope you have been able to figure out where I am. It is one of the places we have always dreamed of going.

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