Lost Boy (ouat Panlix)
Lost Boy (ouat Panlix) once upon a time (tv) stories

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A short story by jay_1618 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lost Boy (ouat Panlix)

The alcohol burned as it went down my throat. But I couldn't care less... Whatever it took to take me away from reality for the quickest moment was worth every foolish way I used to find it.

It was after my second mug when I began to feel the buzz which welcomed me to leave everything I had behind. Every thought, every wish, every connection to the few who cared about me.

But most say that a boy, just like me, would come one night and take me away from my pain, my loneliness...

Now I'm left wondering where the hell he is, cause this is the ninety-eighth day he hasn't shown himself.

Maybe he was just some hoax for I have been calling him for ninety-eight nights, tonight in counting before I drank my poison.

Note to self: Never believe anyone unless you've seen it for yourself.

I sigh and stood up from the ground, leaving my empty mug in its hiding spot behind a haystack, and quietly came back inside my house.

I lived with my mother and three siblings, one older brother and sister, one younger sister. Miles, my older brother was the only one who earned the most money between the five of us.

My older sister, Fiona, was the first to bare a child. She's three months away from labour. My younger sister, Daphne, and I were the ones who helped our "dear" mother.

Ever since great ol' father kicked the bucket, mother has gotten meaner and meaner.

Truth is she was never willing to have children but until father came along she allowed it, knowing she'd have someone to help her with us children. But now he's gone, he was a good man.

Ever since then, I swear, my only motivation is good ol' liquor. Occasionally, Daphne, but lately she's been with her lover.

I guess I'm happy for her, she has been depressed ever since father died. This boy that she has been seeing is truly bringing her happiness.

I just wonder when I'll finally find a girl in my liking. I scoff to myself as I carefully pull the covers over my slender body,

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