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Lost and Found

Ciel gasped as Paula tightened the straps of his corset. “I’m sorry miss, but it must be tight today.

Everything must be perfect for your new husband,” she said as she gave the strings another tight pull.

“I don’t think it will go perfectly if I pass out while saying my vows,” Ciel tells her as she steps away from him. “Non-sense my lady.

Look how perfect you are right now,” she says as Ciel looks at himself in the mirror.

His makeup is perfect bringing out Ciel’s natural beauty and making him look flawless. His hair is pulled up on top of his head and pinned into place with thousands of diamonds.

“Up you come miss. It is time to get you into this dress,” Paula says as she helps Ciel stand from his dresser.

Ciel sighed again as he stood from the vanity and walked to the window to look out at what was fixing to be his former home. He did not want to get married. At least not to the Viscount Druitt.

Almost everyone loved Aleister Chambers and most people where glad that darling Ciel was going to be marring such a fine young man.

It seems that everyone has forgotten that Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive never had a baby girl. Ciel, in fact, was born a boy.

After Rachel's death when Ciel was five, Vincent was never the same. He became money hungry and didn't care who he ruined to get power or money.

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