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Lost and Found

Silent Bob and Jay leaned against their wall out side of RTS Video.

Jay was making small talk with one of the locals, chattering away over something while Silent Bob calmly looked on, smoking his cigarette.

As Bob shifted position on the wall the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of someone entering The Quick Stop. Someone familiar.

Jay paused in his discourse as he watched Silent Bob lumber away. “Yo, Tubby. Get me a Coke.” Jay called after him and returned to this conversation.

Jay continued his discussion but noticed that Bob hadn’t actually entered the Quick Stop; instead he had moved closer to the entrance and appeared to be waiting.

“Lunchbox?” Jay called after him, wondering what the fuck was up. At that moment the door to quick stop swung open and out walked a stunning tall brunette.

The woman did a double take as she caught sight of Silent Bob.

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