Lost and Found
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Lost and Found

Waking up whenever you want and knowing that you have no worries beyond how you want to spend the day was the best.

Olivia had discovered that very early on after winning the lotto and getting settled in her Lake George home. There was no more crushing, anxiety inducing debt.

She finally had a car after 7 years of going without and she made sure that she took very good care of it and appreciated having it.

She went as far as having a laminated bus pass hanging from her rear view mirror as a reminder.

Another reminder,

she had that had gotten a few comments from contractors that had come to install various appliances in her kitchen was the box frame holding a simple package of chicken flavored Ramen noodles.

It wasn't exactly the kind of thing you expected to see framed in someone's kitchen, especially in a rather swanky lakeside home in Lake George. Or a framed Walmart vest complete with nametag.

But for her, it was something she'd always knew she would do if her numbers ever came in. And they did, finally about a year ago.

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