Loose Ends
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Loose Ends

Marianne stopped in front of the yoga studio, her mat under her arm as she narrowed her eyes. She looked up at the sign decorated in dark flowing letters and what looked like vines.

“The Dark Forest.”

She muttered, “Stupid name for a yoga studio.”

She refused to be nice about this, Dawn had signed her up for yoga classes at this new place against her will in a sisterly attempt to get her to relax.

For a moment, nasty, little hateful thoughts of sisterly revenge made Marianne smile, but they were quickly dismissed with another long suffering sigh.

Dawn was only trying to help her get over Roland. Course, if she really wanted to help Marianne get over Roland, Dawn should hire a hitman to take him out...

Fine, yoga, less destructive.

Marianne stepped into the studio. She was immediately hit by the smell of sage and incense, which, despite her urge to fight it, actually did smell nice.

Worse still, it was helping to loosen the knot in her chest.

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