Looking Forward
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A written piece by nevanna adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Looking Forward

Wendy stepped back and frowned at the canvas on her easel.

When her instructor asked her about it during the next critique, she would need a suitably articulate and profound answer, but none was coming to her now.

“Dub-Dub, that looks so cool!” exclaimed a familiar voice by her elbow.

Wendy pushed a loose lock of hair out of her face, remembering too late that she’d probably left a streak of teal paint on her forehead. “Hey, Lace. Thanks.”

“I love how the roses kind of change color when you move your head.

” Lacey Thornfield swayed back and forth a few times, as if to take in as many of the colors as possible, then linked her arm with Wendy’s. “I,” she announced, “am on a mission.”

“Okay.” Wendy wasn’t even remotely surprised by this statement. “And what’s the aim of this mission?”

, my friend,” Lacey said emphatically. “You’ve been in here since dinner. That was hours ago, and the snack bar’s still open. Come and get a coffee with me.

Unless that thing has to be done by tomorrow?”

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