Looking for One Piece
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Looking for One Piece

Ace thought to himself, as he stared at his brothers, collapsed in the middle of the mostly destroyed meadow, sleeping.

They all decided Luffy deserved a reward after

graduating high school.

In all honesty, neither he nor Sabo ever believed he would, given how often the meatbrain got himself in detention because he beat someone up,

and how many of his teachers had simply given up on him.

But the dumb kid had somehow managed it, and Sabo was impressed (so was Ace, but Luffy already had one overly supportive and happy brother, if Ace started doting on him as much as Sabo,

he might let it go to his head).

So, Sabo had decided to use all of his charm on Sanji and actually managed to convince the man to cook them a 10-course picnic meal that they would take with them when they went hiking,

because now that Luffy had sat through more than ten exams in the span of a month, he wanted

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