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Looking Back

Fresh out of law school, an attorney named Perry Mason was happy when he graduated from college with his law degree. Yes, he attended law school.

A lot of his former classmates wished him luck and Perry returned it as well. He didn’t want to be a district attorney, but he would have to start somewhere.

He might not have his own office right away, but for now he was able to work with somebody until the right time came for him to have his own law office, a secretary and telephone number.

He was just thinking it would be a good idea to run his business by involving a private investigator.

It did make a lot of sense to him by hiring a private investigator to help out with whatever cases he would have.

About a month or two later, he would have his own office, but again it could be longer than a couple of months more. For now, he was to work with somebody, and Perry was fine with that.

Even if it meant working with a district attorney, he would have something to work on. After receiving his law degree, his family was right there with him.

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