Looking After You
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Looking After You

Odin sat in a room full of people, but at the moment felt very alone and very much his years.

He had always placed his role as All Father foremost, feeling a responsibility for his people and the realms they protected. He had attempted to train his sons to do the same thing.

It had taken him several centuries to learn that perhaps being a father first might have been what was best for his people. After all, He was called the “All Father”.

Perhaps, if he had made wiser decisions with his own children, his people would not be here today to witness his youngest son being punished for his actions.

His eldest son sat off to the side, looking at the walls that held portraits of the royal family over the years.

He was alone except for the presence of the woman he had claimed as his own from Midgard. The woman who had helped Thor when he needed it.

While she was not the one to teach him the lessons of humility and forethought, she had been there to help him as he learned it.

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