Long Road to Home
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Long Road to Home

When Juliette’s feet hit solid ground she swore she’d never fly again.

The pilot had made an emergency landing in a cornfield and it was nothing short of a miracle that they had survived, all of them.

She and Glenn stood together in the dim field, shaky and teary-eyed with relief and she didn’t know if he was holding her up or she was holding him.

The moon gave a little light, enough for her to see the great nothing surrounding her. An empty field, big enough and wide enough and rather conveniently located.

Her teeth chattered as she laughed a little and Glenn turned sharply to look at her. She shrugged, leaning a little more into his side. “It could have been worse, Glenn,” she said. “A lot worse.”

Their reunion did not go as planned. There were no flowers. Avery couldn’t even remember what had happened to them.

He must have put them down somewhere but he had no idea when that could have happened.

He didn’t remember much of anything outside of stark relief when he was told that Juliette’s plane had been found.

She called and all he remembered of that conversation was how his heart clenched when he heard her smooth, husky voice saying she was on her way home.

He left the airport and drove straight to her house, letting himself in by using the security code to the garage.

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