Long Live the Queen
Long Live the Queen major character death stories

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A work by softrequiem adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Long Live the Queen

One scan and there was less than a percentage chance of something surviving, and therefore there was no effort wasted on trying to salvage anything from the lab.

If the sudden surge of heat didn't send the new frames into shock, the explosion and the debris would have finished them off.

They would salvage what equipment could be repaired, but there would be nothing else.

However, Shockwave doesn't put any CPU power towards the army, his current concern lays with a smaller lab that was attached by a tunnel deeper into the mountain side.

Where he was growing a different predacon to collect data on a set of predacon bones that perplexed scientists during the golden age.

Through the ages, the set of fragmented bones were studied, put through endless testing but very little data could be extracted through these tests.

The only bones found were teeth, a section of the lower left jaw and what many believed to either be a spark chamber, or an ignition chamber.

The debate of what exactly this was had been going on since, and before its discovery.

Of course, others like it had been found, but the key difference that made this discovery so fascinating was its sheer size.

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